Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Why must I pay a health fee?
The student health fee is mandated by the California Education Code (Section 76350-76395). The California Education Code states that the health fee must be paid by all students unless:
a) Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination or organization.
b) Students who are attending a community college under an approved apprenticeship training program.
A student who meets the criteria to have his/her health fee waived, should present appropriate documentation which demonstrates that the student meets criteria a or b above to the Director of Health Services.
What does it cost to be seen in the Student Health Center?
The Student Health Center provides all of the services you find in a routine medical clinic. Most of the services such as a visit to the physician, nurse practitioner, RN, mental health counselors or health educator are at no cost to you. Laboratory tests, immunizations, medications, pelvic exams and employment or wellness exams are provided at very reasonable fees. CALL (714) 992-7093 to make an appointment. Nurses are available during the Health Center’s open hours.
What can you do for me in the Student Health Center?
Fullerton College Health Services provides treatment for acute illnesses, minor injuries and provides education on a broad range of health issues. Work, school, DMV and job physicals are available for a fee. Immunizations against tetanus, diphtheria, and hepatitis A & B are provided at a low cost. Testing for pregnancy, strep throat, tuberculosis and other conditions is available. Over the counter medications such as non-aspirin pain relievers and Ibuprofen, and condoms are available free of charge. Health Services has  medications available for a small fee.
Personal counseling services and crisis intervention services are available on a short-term basis. Referrals to community agencies, or help to find appropriate local resources to help with your more acute or chronic medical or mental health problems.
Who can be seen in the Health Center?
Students currently enrolled and attending classes at Fullerton College can be evaluated and treated by the Health Services staff. Health Services provides first aid services for students, staff and visitors.
Can my family be seen in the Health Center?
Because Health Services are directly supported by the Health Center fee, only registered students are treated.
Who provides the care in the Health Center?
The staff consists of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Mental Health Counselors, Health Educators and Registered Nurses who are all available by appointment.
Can I get health insurance through the Student Health Center?
The Student health fee also supports accident insurance coverage for injuries incurred during class/class activity. It is the student’s responsibility to immediately report any such occurrence to the instructor and Health Services. This insurance has a deductible and is secondary to any private insurance coverage.
What is the Health Fee that I pay every semester, and what do I get for it?

Each registered student is assessed a $26 Health fee ($22 in Summer Session) as part of their regular registration fees. This fee covers direct medical services, counseling and crisis intervention services received in the Student Health Center. It also pays for accident insurance coverage (described above), access to health education services, materials, and events as well as certain over the counter medications. Fullerton College Health Service provides access to low cost medications, immunizations and lab testing.

Medical Records:
In accordance with California codes on disclosure of student’s medical records, all such data is confidential and cannot be released without written authorization from the student or court-ordered subpoena.
June 2024